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The 5 major questions

Who, what, why, how and how much…

1. Who is going to do the work and seriously, who are you?

You have worked so hard at an incredible pace, how can you even think about adding more to your daily schedule? That in itself is your answer. Why are you working so hard and yet not getting the roi you though you would? What can you do to make it better with out loosing out on the next client or sale?
That is what your web site SHOULD be doing for you right? Why is it not and who can make a difference?

THAT IS THE WHO. Who do you want it to be? You? Your staff? or the one who is experienced at making it happen.

Who am I? I started my business in 2007 as a web design sales person. Making a meager commission on web sites that were too expensive for most of us here in the Flathead Valley. This made it far and few in between sales and hard to live on wages. I also learned from my time with them, was that I can do this. I can also help my fellow small business’ here in our little fish bowl to market to the rest of the world by charging smaller fees and maybe even give a little hand up with a payment plan.

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2. What are you going to do for me?

We are going to strategize on how we can raise your ROI. Through a current web design, SEO, Social Media Management and much much more.

We will have an initial meeting to see what it is you are needing or missing. Talk about your business and how you plan to expand in the future. We will talk about what you’re goals are and then from then will make a plan to get you there. We will strategize as to how you want to get it done, and as a team work on the implementation of that plan.

Together as a team we can make things happen.

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3. Why should I do any of this?

In today’s ever evolving internet market, you can’t afford not to.

I’m sure you didn’t  into business to do SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Graphics design, etc…? No, and because you are on my web site I can assume that you didn’t but are having to learn more than you intended.  I’m also betting that you want to spend your time on your clients or sales or what ever it is you meant to do.  That is WHY you call us to help you get back to what ever it is you do best.

I would be happy to help you get on with your business and let me do this end of it or I can just simply be your consultant. If you just want someone to advise you on what needs to be done, I can do that too.

This entirely up to you and how you want to plan for your success.


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4. How are you

We will strategize as to how you want to get it done, and as a team work on the implementation of that plan.

Together as a team we can make things happen.


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5. How much is this going to cost me?

Often people are so focused on what the cost is that they loose site of the roi. Imagine what your business should look like if money were no object? Seriously, write it down. Then ask yourself why it isn’t. Most people tell me that its the current income that is holding them back. Ok so then ask yourself if you were to make an extra $50 and you spent $5 to get that sale, would you do it? Now if you were to get in front of 50 more people than yesterday what would that mean to you? 1 more sale? 10 more sales? I am using arbitrary numbers here but plug in your own? What does it mean to you? Would you do it? Right of course you would. What if you don’t?  <——-THAT is how much this costs you.

FireFlyzDesign is all about you. We will figure out what it is you need, what can you afford, and then if need be what can you make payments on. Let’s have that first meeting to find out what it is that I can do to partner with you on your success.


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The 5 questions most people want to know when embarking upon any business transaction