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Custom Web Site Design
July 2018

Note to Hacker,

I want to thank you for the thrashing of my site. I was going to do a full restore but since I had been meaning to update my content but have decided to do that now. As you can see the rest is back up again since I have made a minute in my busy schedule to restore it. Also wanted to thank you as soo many very kind people called me to let me know my site was down and instead became new customers.

Seriously folks the only person you hurt when you attack me is my kids and my husband as now I get to spend spare time restoring your day of fun, cus see I know that it wasn’t easy to get into my site. I saw you for many hours attacking this url. I get alerted on my phone every time you attempted and failed. I just happened to not care at that moment.

You will never find account numbers on this site as I use a secure site for payments for my site and my clients sites. My site is nothing but advertisement and I have many so please enjoy attacking a site that would be a challenge for you and a payoff. There is none here.

Thanks for reading and I do hope you enjoy your holiday’s.



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